Annual Fund and The Tower Society


Annual Fund

Today, St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum remains an important symbol to people all over the country. This symbolism inspires us in everything we do to preserve, promote, and protect this National Historic Landmark and National Patriotic Shrine.

We rely heavily on Annual Fund support in order to accomplish our preservation and education initiative goals. By supporting the Annual Fund, you allow us to use your donation in the area of greatest need.

To donate now, simply click on the gold “Donate” button at the top of your screen. You can also view the many giving options available, such as monthly sustained giving, donor-advised funds, or stock transfers.

The Tower Society

The Tower Society is our financial leadership circle, made up of donors who give $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. Members of the Tower Society fulfill an important role in providing vital funds for the day-to-day operations at St. Luke’s. This group makes up over half of our Annual Fund donations, making the most significant impact with their support.

“As an area native, history major, and Veteran, I’m excited about St. Luke’s Historic Church, Virginia’s oldest surviving church building. St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum is living history. I’m honored to invest my time and money; serving on the board and contributing financially at the Tower Society level.”
– Robert Clay, III