Cemetery Services Overview


One of the essential operations at St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum is the management, maintenance, and sales of our cemetery. We believe that we are Virginia’s oldest active cemetery. Therefore, we work diligently to maintain the grounds and hallowed spaces of people who been interred here for centuries.

We provide a peaceful environment that conveys comfort and consolation to loved ones and a serene location for those who walk our grounds. Cemeteries for some people seem to be that space where past and present intersect and holds history and memories for that fleeting moment as the present races into the future. In decades long gone, families would gather for picnics while away an afternoon as generations connected with those who had passed before and those who follow after … that is the aim and goal to which we aspire for our cemetery.

Perpetual Care is our pledge that we will always care for these sacred grounds. As part of the ongoing work of St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum we are in a unique position to ensure that we will always maintain our facility and grounds, including the cemetery.

Semi-Annual Cemetery Clean-Up 

In order to maintain the beautiful ascetic of the cemetery, St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum staff remove all flowers and decorations twice a year. Those dates are the First Monday in January and the First Monday in August. If you would like to preserve a specific arrangement, please remove that arrangement by the day before and return the day after the clean-up day. All arrangements in the cemetery on the day of the clean-up will be removed.

Please click the link below to download St. Luke’s Rules & Regulations.