History from the Old Brick Church Podcast


History from the Old Brick Church

Take a journey through history with a new podcast from St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum, hosted by John Ericson. Join the conversation with scholars and historians to tackle subjects like race, women’s history, and constitutional law. Explore how the pursuit of religious freedom in colonial America has shaped our modern life. Tune into History from the Old Brick Church Podcast today! 


Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: What is History?

Episode 3: Religious Strife and the Founding of a Colony

Episode 4: Religion and the American Revolution

Episode 5: Religion and the Constitution

Episode 6: The Continuing Fight for Religious Freedom

Episode 6.5: Podcast Update

Episode 7: The Church and Origins of Race

Episode 8: Religion and Emancipation

Episode 9: Religion, Race and Bacon’s Rebellion!

Episode 10: The Women of Jamestown

Episode 11: Indigenous People and the Church of England

Episode 12: Stories from the Old Brick Church

Episode 16: Witches in Colonial Virginia

Episode 13: Religion, Race, Authority, and Freedom in the Atlantic World 

Episode 17: American Myths

Episode 14: Challenges to Religious Freedom

Episode 18: Stories From the Newport Parish: Clergy, Tobacco, and the Road to Revolution

Episode 15: Beyond Cromwell

Episode 19: Stories From the Newport Parish: The Tumultuous Life and Times of Joseph Bridger

Episode 20: The English Reformation: A Series of Unintended Consequences

Episode 21: The Bishop’s Wars

Episode 22: Born from Conflict: Travelog

Episode 23: The Cromwell Dilemma



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