Emergency Giving


Help Us Keep History Alive


This year presented an unprecedented loss for St. Luke’s. Just as we had announced new programs, fresh tours and enlightening events, we were forced to close our doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only do we have to halt educational opportunities like field trips, tours and lectures, we had to cancel weddings that were booked for the Spring (which have become a significant revenue stream). 

We are confident that when we open back up, the community will be there to support us and enjoy all that we have to offer. In the meantime, we are asking for a little extra support from our friends and donors.

Any donation you can give will support essential operations during this shutdown. Our staff works hard to create relevant programming and illustrate the importance of our nation’s battle for religious freedom, and they are busy creating educational content that patrons can access remotely. Donations we receive during this time support bare-minimum operational expenses. 

Though our administrative offices and historic church are closed, you are welcome to stroll the grounds of St. Luke’s from dawn to dusk and soak in the tranquil splendor of our beautiful historic site. 

Please give whatever you can, so that we may continue our work of preserving this symbol of religious freedom.