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Cremation has become a very popular method of disposition for various reasons. People may opt for cremation as part of the estate planning because they want to save money or for environmental reasons. Once a body is cremated, there are several options for burial or interment, and St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum can help you and your loved ones make decisions regarding your final resting place. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terminology in this blog, please refer to our glossary.


Cremation is generally more cost-effective, for several reasons. If the decedent’s body is donated to science, loved ones usually receive cremated remains within 3-5 weeks. The cost of cremation is generally waived in the event of donation. Upon receipt of the cremains, loved ones may choose to host a memorial and then inter the remains in a Columbarium niche or an urn plot. 


If remains are cremated privately, instead of by an educational institution for research, loved ones can immediately receive the cremains. If a memorial service is planned, this option is easier to plan around. Remains will be prepared at an agreed-upon time, and a simple memorial service can be held. Because there is no casket or embalming involved, this is also an affordable option. In addition to offering interment in a Columbarium part of the Cemetery or burial in the Urn Garden, St. Luke’s also has a historic church building on the property, which is open to all faiths and types of ceremonies, should you opt for a memorial service or funeral. 


The most expensive option is private cremation with a traditional funeral. The decedent’s body is embalmed and prepared for viewing by a funeral home, a casket is rented, and the body is transported to the funeral service. Afterward, the body is transported to a crematorium and cremains are delivered to loved ones. 


St. Luke’s offers several opportunities for interment of cremains. Niches in our stately brick Columbarium are very popular and affordable. Small plots in our Urn Garden are available for those who want a traditional headstone. And full-size plots in our Ancient Cemetery will provide a resting place in close proximity to our historic landmark church building in Virginia, the oldest in Virginia, dating back to c.1685. Our property is conveniently located in Smithfield, Virginia, just a short drive from Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Williamsburg.


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