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Rachel Popp Education Coordinator

Rachel Popp Former Education Coordinator

Beneath the shade of a tree in the graveyard of Historic St. Luke’s Church stand two almost identical gravestones. The similarities between these stones do not end at the style and shape of the grave markers; the death dates listed are identical as well. Although little is known about the “Blackwell Children”, the story their grave markers tell is a tragic one.
On July 17, 1903, Anne Eliza Blackwell and her brother, Robert Gary Blackwell Jr. both meet their demise in an unfortunate drowning incident. Eliza’s stone simply, “Drowned July 17, 1903.” Losing one child would have been dreadful, but losing two on the same day was likely devastating. Robert Jr. must have gone into the water after his sister as his stone states that he, “Was drowned trying to save his sister.”

Three Blackwell graves

Three Blackwell graves

Robert Jr. would have been 14 the following month and Anne was only 15 years old. They are buried next to their father, Robert Gary Blackwell Sr. who is known for generously supporting the preservation of Historic St. Luke’s Church in the form of donated lumber. Mr. Blackwell donated heart pines grown on his plantation for the 1890’s Restoration of the church building. Today, Robert Gary Blackwell Sr. rests peacefully in the graveyard beside Anne and Robert Jr. near the historic building he helped preserve.

Tickets and More Information

You can learn more about our graveyard residents during this year’s Twilight Cemetery Tours. The first tour will take place September 10th at 8pm during our 17th century event, General From Whitemarsh: Celebration of Joseph Bridger. Tickets for this particular tour go on sale at 9:30am on September 10th, and must be purchased on-site at our Welcome Center and Gift Shop.
Twilight tours will also be conducted on Friday, October 14th and 21st. Tickets for these dates are on sale now! For more information on these dates, visit our event page by clicking here. For more information call our Welcome Center and Gift Shop at 757-357-3367.