What Happens After Cremation?

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The Importance of Planning

After cremation, cremains are delivered to their loved ones. If the decedent had plans in place, they may have left instructions for a ceremony, followed by burial or interment. If there were no instructions, loved ones must decide what happens next. Cremains could be displayed in a home, they could be interred in a Columbarium, or buried in an Urn Garden. 


Some people are very specific about their estate planning funeral arrangements. It’s common for people in this phase of life to select a coffin rental for their memorial and set aside money for arrangements like a venue and catering for a memorial service. For those who have not planned as well, their loved ones have the responsibility of planning, and budget constraints may affect their options. 


Interring Cremains

If you believe your loved ones would appreciate a place to visit your remains, consider St. Luke’s Cemetery in Smithfield, VA. Our brick Columbarium has affordable niches surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. Niches include a memorial plaque, and companion niches are also available. 


The Memorial Park includes an Urn Garden, where cremains may be buried underground in an urn made of rust-resistant metal or cultured stone. Urn vaults are available for urns made of other materials. Burial in the Urn Garden allows for a traditional stone marker.


For more traditional tastes, St. Luke’s also offers plots in the Ancient Cemetery, alongside the Old Brick Church, which was constructed circa 1685. Urns may be buried in full-size cemetery plots adjacent to the historic church. 


Choosing St. Luke’s

When you choose St. Luke’s as the home for your cremains, it comes with a Perpetual Care guarantee. As a certified historic landmark, St. Luke’s is responsible for maintaining the grounds in perpetuity. We regularly host volunteer workshops to clean and maintain headstones. 


Beyond our commitment to care, St. Luke’s can also provide a venue for your memorial service in our historic church building. If you’ve chosen St. Luke’s as your resting place, we are pleased to offer a complimentary two-hour block for a memorial service or funeral.

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