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Estate Planning: Why Choose St. Luke’s Historic Cemetery?

It’s never too soon to start planning for the future. As you’re considering things like life insurance and a will, we encourage you to think about your legacy and how you wanted to be memorialized in perpetuity. By planning now, you can save your loved ones time and money in the future. 

Our Ancient Cemetery and Memorial Park are open to people of all faiths and beliefs, and our grounds have been a beautiful resting place for people of this community for 400 years.

Watch this video to learn more about our Cemetery and Perpetual Care.

Become Part of History

Nestled on the edge of beautiful Isle of Wight County, Virginia, St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum enjoys the privilege and honor of caring for our Ancient Cemetery, our Memorial Park Cemetery and our Columbarium within our Memorial Park, all located on the grounds of Virginia’s oldest church building.

Today, the hallowed grounds give witness to lives and memories of generations past. All are welcome to tour our grounds, walk the serene landscape, and enjoy the peaceful natural environment. Many come to visit loved ones and ancestors. The carefully maintained cemetery is a testament to our pledge of perpetual care – that we will always care for this place. Our rich history spans four centuries. Yet, our history is not complete. We may be Virginia’s oldest cemetery, but there remains room for you to “Become Part of History”.

True Perpetual Care

As defined by the Commonwealth of Virginia Cemetery Board’s Cemetery Regulations, “Perpetual care means the continuing care, maintenance, administration and embellishment of the cemetery.”  St. Luke’s provides ongoing care and maintenance to all entrances, roads and ponds; to any open fields and to all grassy areas in and around gravesites and the columbarium; and to trees, shrubs, plants and flowers growing in all common areas. As necessary and when needed, as determined by St. Luke’s staff, these areas will also be embellished with appropriate additions and improvements.

The ability to continue the care and maintenance of our cemeteries is through the establishment of a Perpetual Care Fund the purpose of which is to provide a current and future funding source maintenance activities. We apply a minimum of 25% of the gross purchase price of every gravesite(s) or niche(s) and to put these funds into the Perpetual Care Fund. Earnings from these funds are then used to pay for care and maintenance of the cemeteries.

When the time is right for you to start planning, a Fee Schedule is available on our website, or you may contact Fred Hodges, our Sales & Services Manager at (757) 357-3367.

Note: Our cemetery is open to people of all faiths, creeds and nationalities. Affiliation with our organization is not a requirement for purchase.





Located in close proximity to the “Old Brick Church,” these lots offer a beautiful view of the south side of the church. In addition, stately trees and impressive memorial markers announce the permanent memorial of all who are buried here. Because of their location and limited availability, these spaces are offered at our premium price.


Located across the ponds to the north of the “Old Brick Church,” St. Luke’s Memorial Park began the sale of burial lots around 1930. The expansive grounds offer a variety of individual and multiple space lots to accommodate a single burial or a large family plot.


For Cremation Urn(s) - Maximum of 2 Per Space


St. Luke’s Memorial Park also offers a Columbarium Wall with niches for cremated remains. The columbarium niches sell as a single or a companion niche. Pricing includes opening and closing services, the appropriate urn(s), and memorial marker(s).


For more information, including pricing and availability, please contact Fred Hodges, Sales & Services Manager, at (757) 357-3367 or via the form below.

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St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum would be honored to schedule the church building for a two-hour rental for a funeral service. Special pricing available for those to be interred in our cemetery.