Epilogue: The Early African American Religious Experience Symposium

African Epilogue 3

Audience listening to Dr. Newby-Alexander presenting.

The Education Department at HSL held a well-received program, the second educational program in the 2016 Season, on Saturday, April 9th, 2016.  Drs. Cassandra Newby-Alexander and Kay Wright Lewis from Norfolk State University presented on the Early African American Religious Experience from the Anglican to the African Methodist Episcopal and Baptist churches.
The 23 guests enjoyed conversations with the speakers during the question and answer periods of the talks, during the boxed lunch intermission, and before the group, guided tour which followed the two presentations.
African Epilogue 2

Dr. Lewis presenting

The speakers covered a wide range of details including the West African Slave Trade, Haitian and Barbados influences, how laws prior to Emancipation influenced the education of African Americans, and how African Americans chose to practice religion and which religions, denominations, and sects appealed to African Americans the most.
Attending guests traveled from as far as Richmond, Colonial Beach, and Virginia Beach.  We are excited about this program’s success and the rest of our 2016 Season.
Dr. Newby-Alexander presenting.

Dr. Newby-Alexander presenting.

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