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Group tours include a 45 minute guided tour of Virginia’s oldest church building. The tour covers 481 years of history from the act of supremacy in 1534 in England to the present day. The tour explores the rise of Anglicanism, the pursuit of religious freedom in the colonies, and our journey as a nation to discover our own identity. The tour ends with a discussion of the current restoration projects in place to preserve and protect this historic shrine for another 481 years.

Guests will learn about an array of topics such as:

  • Origins of the Anglican Church under Henry VIII
  • Introduction of Anglicanism and Protestantism to the New World
    Newport Parish, and Old Brick Church history
  • 19th century Protestant Episcopal Church of America
  • The 1890s restoration and the 1950s restoration of the church building
  • How the experience during the Colonial Period led forefathers to incorporate Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State in the U.S. Constitution
  • Why and how freedom of religion remains a vibrant part of American identity and discourse in the modern era

“St. Luke’s Historical Church & Museum is an amazing field trip for the 4th grade students of Isle of Wight County Schools! The generous donors made this enriching field experience possible, allowing the students to engage in hands-on learning that connected to Virginia history standards and provided a unique opportunity beyond the classroom or textbooks. The staff at St. Luke’s contributed to the students’ enjoyment by being organized and knowledgeable.” 

Dr. Tracy Stith-Johnson

Director of Elementary Education, Isle of Wight County Schools, 2023

Align with Virginia SOLs

1.6, 1.12, 2.3, 2.8, 2.12, 3.12; VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, VS.4; USI.1, USI.4, USI.5; WHII.1, WHII.4; WG.3; VUS.1, VUS.2, VUS.3

1.1, 1.2, 1.3; 2.2, 2.3; 3.1; 4.1, 4.2; 5.1; 6.1; 7.1; 10.1; 11.1

1.20, 1.21


STEAM Alignment:

Archaeology Simulation: Science, Technology, Art

Architecture Presentation: Engineering, Art

Our tours are well-suited to fourth graders learning about Virginia Studies and colonial history!


Please use the form below to book your group tour. Let us know the number of people in your group, desired tour date, a designated time for your tour (tours are only available on the hour) and detailed contact information. A museum employee will contact you to confirm your details and provide a Booking Confirmation.

Groups of 10 or more people must schedule in advance in order to receive the group tour discount of $5 per person.

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