A Letter to the Loved Ones of the Many Veterans Buried in our Cemeteries: Requesting Information and Assistance

To the friends, family, descendants, and other loved ones of the many veterans buried in our cemeteries at St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum,


We need your help. Over the years, as St. Luke’s has expanded and grown, our research and projects have continued to improve and expand as well. As a staff (often with the help of our wonderful volunteers), we strive daily to learn more about the history of our site. But that history is incomplete without the stories of the people who have loved, supported, and cherished this “Old Brick Church” over the past 300+ years.  In our endeavors to learn more about the people who made St. Luke’s the beautiful museum that it is today, we have created projects such as the Wedding Scrapbook Project, which began in early 2018 as a program designed to actively collect the stories, photos, etc. of those married at St. Luke’s throughout its long history. This year, we are hoping to broaden our understanding of the important people tied to the history of St. Luke’s by researching the many veterans buried in our cemeteries, some of whom served as far in our nation’s past as the War of 1812.


This project is a huge undertaking and has many facets. When planning this endeavor, we asked ourselves: How can we use this research to its fullest potential? Firstly, all of the information collected will be thoroughly recorded in our archives and records. This is important as these records could assist many in the future with research of our historic site, genealogical research, etc. By creating detailed and organized records of our findings, we are expanding our knowledge base in the hopes of assisting future researchers, descendants, historians, and so many others.


We will also be featuring this research in an upcoming event, “A Day of Remembrance: Honoring Our Veterans.” Much like the title suggests, we would like to use our research to feature and honor the many veterans who chose St. Luke’s as their final resting place. This event will be free and open to the general public on Saturday, November 14, 2020 and we invite our community to join us in recognizing these brave men and women.


Please assist us with our research by sharing your stories, photos, portraits, etc. regarding your beloved veteran(s). We want to know who these veterans were as people, far beyond the basic information included on their memorial monuments. We want to save the memory of who they were for future generations. We want to recognize their sacrifices, their bravery, and their unique personalities. Please take the time to follow the link below to a fillable form where you can share stories and any other information you are willing to provide. We hope you will take the time to share with us who your veteran was and look forward to reading your stories and anecdotes.



Rachel Popp

Former Education Coordinator, St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum

Interested in sharing your veteran’s story? Please follow this link to a fillable form.

Want to learn more about this project and research? Follow the link below.